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HD-PLC Alliance

Welcome to HD-PLC Alliance

Broadband-related technologies have achieved a certain level of preparation and application, and the IT world is expected to enter a new stage in which practical technologies are established to realize the ubiquitous network infrastructure through optical networks. Given the background, Power Line Communication (PLC) is appearing as a promising candidate for building a society that connects everyone or and every equipment, where everyone can use “people-friendly” networks without having to consider what equipment or wiring is required.

Established in September 2007 as an alliance of voluntary groups, the HD-PLC Alliance aims to expand the use of the HD-PLC fast power line communication technology and further improve communication compatibility among products employing HD-PLC.

Adoption of HD-PLC is increasingly promoted as a number of companies have already launched HD-PLC-based products, which are used as PC peripherals or in relation to broadband services. Spread of HD-PLC is expected to accelerate with the incorporation of HD-PLC modules into various IT-based consumer products.

We are endeavoring to promote healthy development of the PLC market in order to help progress the broadband networks. In doing so, we appreciate your kind support and cooperation to the activities of HD-PLC Alliance.

Takanori Miyake, President, HD-PLC Alliance

Takanori Miyake
President, HD-PLC Alliance