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What's PLC?

Power line communication (PLC) is a technology which uses existing electric power lines for data transmission.
Electrical voltage is big and alternatively slow (figure(1)), while a data signal's voltage is small and alternatively fast (figure(2)).
Since these waves have different frequencies, there is no cross interference when combing them (figure(3)).
The overlapping signals are divided and the data signal is extracted by the PLC adaptor (figure(4)).
This makes it possible to send data signals through power lines.
High-speed Internet wiring using optical fibers and ADSL bores a hole in the wall to activate an in-home broadband-router. This distributes data to each room by using wireless and/or wired LAN. However, these wires are not aesthetically pleasing and draw the eye away from household decorations. These can even cause wireless communication failure by interference.
A universal in-home networking system can be easily and conveniently built as PLC technology transforms wall power-outlets into information outlets.
HD-PLC Alliance’s mission is to achieve a universal networking world by promoting HD-PLC, one of the PLC technologies.

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