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CEATEC JAPAN 2007 「HD-PLC」Booth Report

UPDATE : 06 Oct, 07

CEATEC JAPAN 2007 (Oct.2-6,2007 at Makuhari Messe)
25 companies came to display 52 products at the "HD-PLC" booth, first debut in Japan, and attracted plentiful guests.

General View of our booth
Visual demonstrations by our casters attracted many visitors

CEATEC 2007 participated companies
Many modules, chips, adaptors and PLC built-in equipments were shown, and promising Big success of the HD-PLC!

HD-PLC Adaptor corner
displaying HD-PLC adaptors and routers

HD-PLC Accessory corner
taps, noise filters and instrument tools

At the adaptor corner, commercially available products attracting many visitors.

HD-PLC booth gathered many visitors, reflecting attractiveness of HD-PLC products.

HD Video Streaming

HD-PLC embedded TV

HD-PLC Home application corner
Camera systems, VoIP and PC peripherals

HD-PLC AV application corner
IP Audios and AV streaming devices

As customer’s interest for security increases, home control merchandises begin to use built-in HD-PLC products.

Interested visitors made many questions to attendants.

Digital Signage System with HD-PLC      HD-PLC LSI , Modules

Demonstration corner (on the stage)
Easy setting and security application

Demonstration Shows staged every 20 mins. attracted many visitors and even aisles were occupied

A mini-seminar by a cooperative company "On PLC taps by MEW"

Lecturers introduced detailed and specialized technical topics and got good reputations from participants.

Exhibitor Seminars HD-PLC chairman Mr. Kobayashi Current Status and Future of "HD-PLC"

Seminar (Hall 1) attracted huge attendants.

Panasonic Communications Mr. Miyazaki "HD-PLC, General view and its technical structure"

CEPCA corner
Consumer Electronics Powerline Communication Alliance

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