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Multiple vendors to supply HD-PLC chipset

UPDATE : 27 Apr, 12

Multiple vendors to supply HD-PLC chipset

- Alchip and Ubiquitous joined the HD-PLC alliance -

HD-PLC Alliance announced that at least four alliance member companies have completed or are working on HD-PLC LSI chip design. Panasonic supplied the 2nd generation 210Mbps HD-PLC LSI chip that is widely adopted in the Asian market. This February, Kawasaki Micro Electronics announced the world first IEEE 1901 full compliant HD-PLC single chipset solution including an Analog Front End. ACN (Advanced Communication Networks SA), one of the promoter companies of HD-PLC Alliance, is also working on IEEE 1901 BPL Access LSI compatible with HD-PLC. In addition to these three companies, Alchip Technologies Ltd., announced it started to offer HD-PLC turnkey solutions to their customers.

HD-PLC Alliance promotes and certifies IEEE 1901 standard based PLC products. The alliance announced the successful official certification of the first IEEE 1901 full compliant HD-PLC Adapter provided by one of alliance member companies.
"We are pleased to announce that Multiple Vendors will soon provide competitive and flexible options to PLC product manufacturers and customers", said Tomiya Miyazaki, vice- president of HD-PLC Alliance. He also stated "IEEE Standard based PLC products have been desired in the market for a long time. The success of the IEEE 1901 certification is a first step towards the wide adoption of HD-PLC in the global market like IEEE 802.11 wireless products".

The HD-PLC Alliance also welcomed two new member companies: Alchip Technologies Ltd., and Ubiquitous Corporation. Alchip is a leading player in providing turnkey fabless System-on-a-chip design and services focused on leading edge technologies. "We are excited to join the HD-PLC Alliance. We believe that our advanced turnkey solutions technologies will contribute to the HD-PLC success in the global market.", said Johnny Shen, President and CEO of Alchip.

Ubiquitous Corporation is an embedded software company specialized in networking products and software platforms designed for the ubiquity of connected devices. "Ubiquitous is excited to join the HD-PLC Alliance as we believe that HD-PLC will usher in a new era of smart home connectivity. We are happy to offer our technology and expertise in networking and embedded software, which we hope will contribute to the success of HD-PLC.", said Kanji Mihara, President of Ubiquitous Corporation.

Michimasa (Mitch) Aramaki, President and Chairman of HD-PLC Alliance said "We are pleased to have new members with leading innovative technologies. In order to accelerate adoption of multi-source HD-PLC LSI chipsets to a variety of applications, we keep on promoting and developing IEEE 1901, DLNA, and ITU-T G.9972 compliant and interoperable HD-PLC family products jointly with alliance partners"

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