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Ubiquitous Develops new ECHONET Lite Solution for HD-PLC o be used in HEMS Equipment and Home Appliances.

UPDATE : 14 Jun, 13

Ubiquitous Develops new ECHONET Lite Solution for HD-PLC to be used in HEMS Equipment and Home Appliances.

- Ubiquitous Corp will demonstrate the ECHONET Lite enabled HD-PLC powerstrip at the Embedded System Expo (ESEC) in Tokyo, Japan.-

TOKYO, May 1, 2013 – Ubiquitous Corporation, a leading embedded software company [JASDAQ : 3858], announced that the company will collaborate with the HD-PLC Alliance members by providing an ECHONET Lite solution for HD-PLC enabled HEMS equipment and Consumer Electronics. Ubiquitous Corp. will demonstrate a HD-PLC enabled powerstrip running ECHONET Lite at the Embedded System Expo (ESEC) in May 2013. This powerstrip uses a HD-PLC (IEEE1901) enabled Megachips LSI (KHN13200) made by MegaChips Corporation, Osaka,Japan. The powerstrip automatically connects to Ubiquitous Corporation’s Cloud Service (Navi-Ene) to enable the monitoring of power consumption.

HD-PLC was ratified in IEEE1901 and approved as a China National Standard in December 2012 as well as by the Unites States National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). In Japan, the HD-PLC standard was adopted by the Telecommunication Technology Committee (TTC) in report TR-1043,

The adapter needed to be used in order to communicate by HD-PLC conventionally, And it was often used for distribution of digital media or contents service. Ubiquitous Corp. is doing research and development by getting cooperation of Panasonic System Networks Co., Ltd. and MegaChips Corp. aiming at a Smart Grid and a Smart House being realized using HD-PLC.
Ubiquitous Corporation is confident that HD-PLC will prove to be a very popular method for connecting HEMS equipment and Home Appliances, given its ease of use and the ubiquity of power lines. This led Ubiquitous to develop the prototype with Panasonic System Networks Corporation and Megachip Corporation

 The Megachips KHN13200 is the ideal chipset for Ubiquitous’ Compact, Light and Fast technologies. With the KHN13200, device manufactures can easily implement Home Networking, Navi-Ene and ECHONET Lite capabilities without extra engineering effort and optional devices such as a Wi-Fi Networking.

Ubiquitous will first release the ECHONET Lite Solution for HD-PLC in June 2013 for Megachip chipsets. The initial market will be for Smart Home Appliances who use HD-PLC to access Ubiquitous’ ECHONET Lite and Navi-Ene solutions. Ubiquitous plans to expand the solution to a wide variety of OEM chipsets in the near future.

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