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The Second HD-PLC Alliance General Meeting (July 2009)

On July 27, 2009, the HD-PLC Alliance held the second general meeting at the Fukuoka branch of Panasonic System Networks Co., Ltd. (formerly, Panasonic Communications Co., Ltd.) in Hakata in Fukuoka City. Succeeding Eiji Kobayashi in the role of President, Michimasa Aramaki, formerly the HD-PLC Alliance Standardizations Director, laid out plans to continue use the theme of "Green Ubiquitous" in efforts to further broaden the scope of HD-PLC through collaboration with industry organizations and active exchange with different industries.

Presentation on the development of the international PLC standardization for HD-PLC

Fostering exchange that crosses over traditional industry lines

At the general meeting, former President Kobayashi summed up activities for 2008, and introduced technology that uses HD-PLC, as well as the acceptance of PLC as a baseline standard technology for the IEEE P1901 Working Group. He also summed up efforts to draw various industries towards PLC technology. At various exhibitions and other venues and events held for other industries, HD-PLC's appeal was displayed using newly-developed "Green Ubiquitous" concepts, such as a home network connected to an electric vehicle.

President Aramaki then discussed, as part of 2009 activities, proactively working with the Chinese government to establish ties with IGRS (Intelligent Grouping and Resource Sharing), an electronic appliance standardization body in China. He also discussed the IEEE P2030 Working Group's standardization of next-generation smart power grids, and the proposed application of the IEEE P1901 PLC base standard to it. This demonstrated how HD-PLC technology is moving towards outdoor applications in addition to current indoor applications.
Furthermore, he pointed out that to achieve a working international standardization of HD-PLC, development beyond the electric power and transportation fields is required. He asserted that by promoting collaborations and forums for information exchange, Alliance members and industry leaders will be able to move the technology forward into other fields.

HD-PLC Alliance President Michimasa Aramaki discusses activity plans for 2009.

IEEE P1901 Working Group Chair Jean-Philippe Faure explains the standardization process.

The Chair of the P1901 Working Group explains the roadmap to PLC standardization

Jean-Philippe Faure, Chair of the IEEE P1901 Working Group, made an appearance as a special guest. He gave an outline of the specification standardization framework as well as a roadmap for the process. In their July 2009 meeting, the IEEE P1901 Working Group approved a preliminary draft specification, and the Chair explained how each company will submit comments based on the draft, and adjustments will be made from such feedback. The process will continue and hopefully a final draft can be completed by the end of the year.

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