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Expanding HD-PLC

The HD-PLC Alliance is broadly promoting the benefits of "HD-PLC" not just for home networking, but through various inter-industry connections such as public/commercial fields, shipping/transportation fields and others.

Expanding HD-PLC

Expanding business opportunities through "HD-PLC"

The biggest benefit of "HD-PLC" is its use of existing power lines. In addition to removing the need to lay new wiring, reducing cable and making devices more lightweight, "HD-PLC" also contribute to reduce global warming through Co2 reduction.

"HD-PLC" Applications

  1. Integrate appliances in your home network.
  2. Create a communications infrastructure for businesses, factories, and public institutions.
  3. Enable power companies to Diagnosis electrical supply devices, perform remote inspections of residential lead-in Wattmeter, Energy Conservation, and more.
  4. Reduce the amount of wiring in cars, trucks, airplanes, ships, trains, and other vehicles with large amounts of cabling, and make them network accessible.

History of the HD-PLC Alliance Activities

History of the HD-PLC Alliance Activities

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