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The World’s First HD-PLC Inside Compliant Baseband IC

UPDATE : 26 Jun, 14

HD-PLC Alliance Members; ROHM Co., Ltd.
The World’s First HD-PLC Inside Compliant Baseband IC
- Configure high-speed broadband home networks using existing power lines-

ROHM has recently announced the availability of a baseband IC that complies with HD-PLC Inside, a new high-speed broadband power line communication standard developed for home appliances and industrial equipment.

Integrating compatible baseband ICs in M2M, IoT, and smart equipment makes it possible to configure a communication network using existing power lines. The BU82204MWV includes an ARM7TDMI core along with multiple interfaces to perform HD-PLC Inside baseband operations as well as TCP/IP processing and other functions. This eliminates the need to make significant modifications to existing systems and equipment, such as home appliances, lightening user development load considerably. In addition, intermittent operation is enabled, significantly reducing power consumption compared with conventional PLC devices.

In recent years, as the awareness and importance of energy conservation continues to permeate all aspects of our daily lives, smart homes and smart communities are garnering increased attention as a way to efficiently utilize existing infrastructure to save energy, for example by creating systems and networks that can monitor, control, and process environmental data and power expenditure to increase efficiency and minimize energy consumption.

Although the ROHM Group has developed a number of products that provide wireless communication, from specified low power radio modules to wireless LAN ICs, they exhibit a number drawbacks, including communication failure due to security protocols and interference as well as poor communication quality caused by obstacles such as infrastructure and buildings made of reinforced concrete and steel.

To compensate for these weaknesses, the ROHM Group has focused on utilizing HD-PLC to take advantage of power line networks and complement existing wireless communication standards. In 2012 ROHM joined the HD-PLC Alliance, and have now developed an HD-PLC Inside compliant baseband IC utilizing the collective technological strengths of the ROHM Group companies.

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