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MegaChips Introduces Long-Range Broadband PLC with Multi-hop Functionality

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June 23, 2015

MegaChips Introduces Long-Range Broadband PLC with Multi-hop Functionality

New chip enables wireless communications over longer distances for sensor networks,air-conditioning systems, lighting and energy-saving equipment

San Jose, Calif., – June 23, 2015 – MegaChips Corporation today announced the availabilityof its BlueChip PLC chip with Multi-hop capability. The KL5BPLC250WMP is a highfrequency PLC communication SoC that can operate over longer distances than traditional PLC devices. This product is scheduled to begin mass production from October 2015.

“Many industrial applications need longer distance wireless communications with low powerconsumption,” said Masahiro Konishi, General Manager of development at MegaChips Corporation. “The new BlueChip PLC chip with Multi-hop capability offers higher transmission speed with lower power consumption and improved reliability of communications compared to other PLC communication chips for these applications.”

Traditional PLC devices such as the IEEE 1901, communicate between a Master and many Terminals (Figure 1), but are unable to cover a wide area that is essential for industrial use cases. This is due to the high attenuation of the many branch circuits.

The MegaChips multi-hop communication function in the new BlueChip PLC ensures stable communication over a wider area by allowing the terminal to bridge to other terminal devices and essentially hop over greater distances. The multi-hop function enables communication between Master and Terminal even when no direct communication link is possible between them by using the Terminal as a relay point as shown in figure 2. This configuration supports high stability and a wide communication area and distance, permitting a simpler network design and easy installation. The BlueChip PLC Multi-hop[http://www.megachips.co.jp/english/product/bluechip-plc.html] allows up to ten-phase hopping. As its routing protocol, MegaChips has adopted the ITU-T G.9905, an international standard featuring low network load and compatibility with a largescale network.

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