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HD-PLC engaged in Smart IoT Era new challenges

UPDATE : 27 Sep, 16

HD-PLC engaged in Smart IoT Era new challenges
HD-PLC holds a seminar event at CEATEC 2016

The rapid growth of IoT (Internet of Things) and the demands of powerline communications applications announce a great expansion of the market of HD-PLC products using IEEE 1901 global standard compliant LSI. Conventional "HD-PLC" has been enhanced to provide an extended long-distance communication range and to increase the reliability of communications. A new multi-hopping capable LSI has been released that can be used in a wide range applications such as Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS) and Smart Meters.

In this context, HD-PLC Alliance announced to hold a private seminar at CEATEC JAPAN 2016, International Conference Hall Makuhari Messe on Oct 5, 2016. Several special sessions are programed. A joint session is organized with the "Highs Speed Powerline Communication Technology Research Association" which consists of more than 60 company members including major power utilities, telecom operators, and manufacturers. Another session about global activities will introduce use cases of HD-PLC applications out-side Japan. In addition recent demonstrations of HD-PLC applications and services will be made in the seminar room.

"Now HD-PLC makes possible to communicate widely with ANY existing WIREs. On top of the IEEE 1901 standard based technology, the multi-hopping technology added to HD-PLC extends the total communication range to several kilometers and increases the total number of connected nodes to up to 1,000. As a result HD-PLC can be used in large factories and buildings in particular where wireless and other wired technologies reach their limits" said Mr. Kazuhiro Tsuga, special adviser of HD-PLC Alliance, and president of Panasonic Corporation. Mr. Tsuga also continued to state "We promote HD-PLC as one of the important foundation technologies contributing to our new B to B and B to G business. Panasonic exhibits the new IoT solutions by HD-PLC in CEATEC 2016 (Hall 1). We look forward to seeing you at the HD-PLC seminar event and at the Panasonic booth."

HD-PLC Alliance welcomed new members, Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, Incorporated, and Socionext Incorporated. The alliance keeps on promoting HD-PLC technologies aggressively and jointly with the 20 companies alliance members.

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