HD-PLC Alliance > IEEE 1901 HD-PLC chipsets compliant with the new CENELEC EMC standard EN50561‐1 are available in the market

IEEE 1901 HD-PLC chipsets compliant with the new CENELEC EMC standard EN50561‐1 are available in the market

UPDATE : 12 Nov, 12

IEEE 1901 HD-PLC chipsets compliant with the new CENELEC EMC standard EN50561-1 are available in the market

November 12, 2012 - FUKUOKA, Japan
HD-PLC Alliance announced that IEEE 1901 HD-PLC chipsets compliant with the approved CENELEC EN50561-1 electromagnetic compatibility standard are available in the market.

A secured CE marking is finally available for the power line communication (PLC) equipment thanks to the ratification of the new CENELEC EN50561-1 standard related to electromagnetic compatibility for PLC products. The announcement of the CENELEC EN50561-1 standard’s approval allowing the deployment of PLC solutions while assuring the protection of broadcasting services is big news for the broadband powerline technologies. "This new standard comes to end all uncertainties in the development of broadband powerline communication market. It will allow the emergence of products with integrated broadband PLC technology inside" says Stephan Horvath, Director of new technology planning at the HD-PLC Alliance and CEO of ACN Advanced Communication Network SA.

"Compliance with the CENELEC EN50561-1 standard is due within three years. HD-PLC chooses to implement it from today liberating the market of the uncertainties of CE marking and bringing a permanent solution to interferences problems which can be found in different European countries." said Michimasa Aramaki, President and Chairman of the HD-PLC Alliance.

The HD-PLC chipsets avoid transmissions in the radio amateur bands and implement the cognitive dynamic frequency exclusion mechanism to protect the reception of radio broadcast services. The dynamic detection of the radio frequencies to be protected combined with the high efficient notching capability of the wavelet modulation provides an efficient protection of radio reception and a maximized PLC throughput.

The HD-PLC chipsets also implement a dynamic power control mechanism that minimizes potential disturbances to other systems. The transmission power is dynamically adjusted to the minimum needed to achieve a good PLC communication performance.

"The superior qualities of HD-PLC technology such as native efficient notching capability of wavelet modulation allowed us a quick and efficient implementation of the CENELEC standard without any loss of performance" underlines Joseph Choghi, Director of Marketing of HD-PLC Alliance from K-Micro America.

"With the IEEE 1901 HD-PLC chipsets compliant to the new CENELEC standard all conditions are met for the integration of the HD-PLC technology into mass market products" said Tomiya Miyazaki, vice-president of the HD-PLC Alliance.

Evaluation kits are available from HD-PLC member companies, and HD-PLC Alliance will also coordinate its evaluations.

About HD-PLC

The HD-PLC Alliance fosters the deployment of HD-PLC technology an eco-friendly designed and international standards compliant powerline technology.
HD-PLC Alliance aims at creating a smarter and ‘Green Ubiquitous’ society, always taking care of our environment or ‘eco-friendly’ connection and promotes HD-PLC broadband powerline technology that provides strong features for LSI design with lower power consumption and smaller chip size.
The HD-PLC Alliance promotes the HD-PLC technology to a variety of applications for home networking and through various inter-industry connections such as smart energy systems, public/commercial fields and transportation fields.
The HD-PLC Alliance proposes a global certification program for the IEEE 1901 Std and IEEE/ITU Coexistence recommended by U.S. NIST SGIP PAP15. HD-PLC coexistence certification documents are open not only for alliance members but also for nonmembers and other organizations.

Based on the successful core HD-PLC technology that provides high-speed communication (240 Mbps) new specific profiles are developed for addressing particular market segments:

  • HD-PLC "Eco" provides a power effective solution when very high-speed is not needed
  • HD-PLC "Inside" provides a small footprint solution for control command networks

The HD-PLC core technology provides outstanding user values:

  • Full compliance with standards: IEEE 1901, including NIST SGIP/IEEE/ITU coexistence, DNLA, IGRS/ISO/IEC standards, and now CENELEC EN50561-1
  • Low chip gates (low processing and low memory required)
  • Very low power consumption (during full operation and in idle mode)
  • High spectrum use efficiency (+14% compared to windowed OFDM)
  • High efficient notching capability (minimizes throughput losses due to EMC requirements)
  • Outstanding QoS (10 ms)

Contact for Europe: Edith Berard, Progilon SA
Contact for Asia : Ryoji Kido
Contact for USA : Joseph Choghi
E-mail : info@hd-plc.org

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