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HD-PLC supports IEEE 1905.1 aggregations Network

UPDATE : 16 May, 13

HD-PLC IEEE 1901 integration and operation in wired/wireless hybrid networks will be drastically improved with the recently approved IEEE 1905.1 standards.

FUKUOKA, Japan, The HD-PLC Alliance announced that its broadband high-speed powerline communication (HD-PLC) technology fully compliant with IEEE 1901 Standard is fully supported in the newly approved IEEE 1905.1 Standard.

The IEEE 1905.1 Standard defines an abstraction layer for multiple home networking technologies. The abstraction layer provides a common data and control Service Access Point to heterogeneous wireless and wired home networking technologies such as IEEE 1901 (PLC), IEEE 802.11 (WiFi), IEEE 802.3 (Ethernet) and MoCA 1.1 (Coax).

IEEE 1905.1 enables the combination of different wired and wireless networking technologies inside the home to form a single network. It helps to aggregate throughput, to transfer multiple simultaneous streams or to distribute heavy streams, especially video, over different paths to limit congestion and maintain Reliability and this for a directly benefit to the final user.

The ratification of the IEEE 1905.1 Standard is one more step in the HD-PLC Alliance's global strategy to foster HD-PLC technology adoption in International Standards. The HD-PLC technology is fully compliant with IEEE 1901, fully supported in the IEEE 1905.1 and DLNA. HD-PLC IEEE 1901 is included in the U.S.NIST SGIP Catalog of Standard. HD-PLC also is compliant with the European EMC standard CENELEC EN 50561-1. The strategy aims to propose the most open technology for fast adoption and diffusion on the world market.

"It is significant achievement that HD-PLC contributed to major standardization efforts in the United States, Europe, China, Japan, and that it is now available all over the world", said Toshiyuki Takagi, President of Panasonic System Networks Co., Ltd. Mr. Takagi also stated "We are very excited to provide our customers with the new value creation by using this technology in a variety of our products and solution business. We continue to innovate and promote this technology for the success of our customers."

By contributing to standardization and providing certification service, the HD-PLC Alliance accelerates its promotion under the concept of "Green Ubiquitous solutions".

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