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HD-PLC Alliance

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Q&A About HD-PLC

QWhat’s PLC?
PLC (Power Line Communication) is a communication technology which enables the information to be carried over the electrical wiring through out homes.
QWhat is the difference between HD-PLC and the Echo-net?
They are the similar power-line communication technology, but the Echo-net uses the frequency band under 500KHz lower than what the HD-PLC uses between 2 and 28 MHz.
* Echo-net: Communication specification proposed by the Echo-net consortium
* HD-PLC or HD-PLC mark is a registered trademark or trademark of Panasonic Corporation in Japan and in other countries.
QWhat are the advantages of HD-PLC?
HD-PLC establishes the in-home high-speed LAN by using existing power-lines and wall-outlets. Without wiring LAN cables and with ease of setting up network security (needed for wireless LAN), you can enjoy easy and secured in-home network.
Flexible deep notch and low sidelobe by using wavelet OFDM modulation
QWhat merits does HD-PLC have in comparison with wireless LAN?
Wireless LAN is said to have following cumbersome features; – Radio wave hardly propagates through reinforced-concrete and metal materials used for housing structure (ex. sound proof floor made of material/concrete (ALC) which insulates floor vibration and sound. Sound-proof wall and heat insulator and plural number of doors are said to have radio-wave insulating function). Encryption setting is crucial for wireless communication to avoid tapping. To improve the user experience, PLC adaptor can be conveniently used for a situation where radio wave can hardly propagate and usable even without going through complicated encryption setting processes.
QHow to be connected with the internet ?
By connecting your in-home broadband router to the PLC adaptor with a LAN cable, you are ready to use the Internet. However, you should have contract with a provider serving your internet connection to your broadband router.
QWhat is needed to have a contract when accessing to the Internet?
Yes, you need to have a contract with an Internet service provider. By connecting your broadband router to a PLC adapter by a LAN cable, you are ready to use many Internet communication services.
QIs it mandatory to have any agreement with an electric power company?
No, you are not requested.

Q&A About HD-PLC Alliance

QWhat are the missions of HD-PLC Alliance ?
HD-PLC alliance’s missions are;
To make affluent ubiquitous network society, HD-PLC Alliance is to promote high speed power line communication HD-PLC proliferation through soliciting fellow member companies.Promoting "secured" and "easy" with connected environment by the HD-PLC compliant network terminals and built-in products.
QIs a HD-PLC Alliance member needed to quit other PLC entities?
No, any company can be a member of HD-PLC alliance.
QWhat is the merits for companies to join the HD-PLC Alliance?
Members share to promote HD-PLC compliant products by participating following activities;

  1. To increase the compatibility between HD-PLC compliant products.
  2. To join marketing activities including having (point-) booths in exhibitions and on the web.
  3. Publicity activity to enhance the stability of communication environment.
  4. Holding technical seminars and forums on the HD-PLC technology.
QHow about the annual membership fees and differences for ordinary and promoter?
annual fees for a promoter : 500,000yen
an ordinary : 300,000yen
Qualifications for the promoters are;
A Promoter must meet all of the following criteria as well as the conditions, and shall be a corporate body that
has been approved as a Promoter in the screening process conducted by the steering Committee . Its role shall be to actively participate in the promotion of the "HD-PLC” technology.

  1. Is a corporate body that has adopted and has commercialized or is planning commercialization of the “HD-PLC” technology?
  2. Is a corporate body determined by the Operations Committee to have technical expertise that will contribute to the promotion activities necessary for achieving the Association’s purpose?

Ordinary should meet one of following conditions as;
An ordinary must meet at least one of the following items and shall be a corporate body which has been approved as an ordinary in a screening process conducted by the Operations Committee.
Its role shall be to provide support for the activities conducted by Promoters as much as possible.

  1. Is a corporate body that has adopted or is planning to adopt the “HD-PLC” technology?
  2. Is a corporate body that is considering the adoption of the “HD-PLC” technology?
QWhat advantages does HD-PLC have comparing to other PLC technologies?
  1. Easy security setting without using a PC
  2. Data rate measuring function
  3. Low power consumption