HD-PLC Alliance

HD-PLC Alliance

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Objectives of Establishing HD-PLC

The rapid spread of the broadband environment on a global scale will further expand provision of video services, IP voice communication services, data services and other information services. In line with this trend, home electronics and business information equipment is expected to be bound in "simple" networks at an accelerating pace.

Against this background, the HD-PLC Alliance endeavors to create a full-fledged universal network society with a focus on consumer electronics and business applications. In this effort, the Alliance has positioned Power Line Communication (PLC) as a central communication vehicle, and is working to promote spread of the HD-PLC format technology in particular. By doing so, it intends to promote creation of an environment where communication compatibility assures “safe” and “easy” connectivity among PLC networking devices and equipment incorporating PLC technologies, based on the HD-PLC format, for information and consumer electronics products used in a variety of lifestyle and business scenes.

HD-PLC Alliance is open to companies, both in Japan and global regions which are engaged in developing products or providing services based on the HD-PLC format, as well as to any company interested in the HD-PLC technology. The Alliance encourages their participation, and will proactively continue its alliance activities. these include promotion of the technology as well as operational study of compatibility verification systems for communication among different HD-PLC-based devices.