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Adoption of HD-PLC as a new high-speed PLC communication technology for smart meters is accelerating!

Press Release

18 10, 2018

Adoption of HD-PLC as a new high-speed PLC communication technology for smart meters is accelerating!

HD-PLC Alliance* announced, “The HD-PLC powerline communication technology, promoted by the Alliance, is accelerating its adoption as a communication technology for smart meters. It is further expected that HD-PLC will be adopted in many other systems requiring broad-range communications, such smart streetlights, as well as for the use of conventional home networks.”

In addition, Panasonic Corporation, a founding member of the Alliance, announced on September 25, 2018, that the decision was made to adopt HD-PLC as one of communication technology to be used for Taiwan Power Company’s next-generation smart meters. Taiwan Power Company started to consider using the HD-PLC communication technology in June 2017. After testing the latest wireless technology and powerline communications technology in Taipei in 2017, Taiwan Power Company decided to introduce smart meters to major cities in Taiwan from December 2018. The HD-PLC technology meets the high performance criteria required and will be used in smart meters in Taipei and other areas.

In announcing the adoption of the HD-PLC communication technology in Taiwan Power Company’s next-generation smart meters, Kazuhiro Tsuga, CEO of Panasonic Corporation, said, “HD-PLC, which we developed and have been promoting, has a competitive edge of being able to be used in places where wireless communications are hard to reach. Taking advantage of its merit, we first plan to engage in a verification testing in Taiwan and introduce it to the market, and then to establish a foothold in Japan and other countries. From now on, we will utilize this outcome for our various products and solution businesses, strive further to facilitate innovation of the technology and promote it toward creating new customer value.”

In addition, Tony Wan, Senior vice president of Taiwan’s AcBel Polytech Inc., a member of the Alliance who collaborated with Panasonic Corporation in promoting the adoption of the HD-PLC communication technology in Taiwan Power Company’s next-generation smart meters, said, “We have worked together with Taiwan Power Company for many years in the business of mechanical equipment and materials for power distribution and smart meters. We are very pleased that HD-PLC, which was proposed by Panasonic Corporation, could contribute to meet the needs of Taiwan Power Company. We will further deepen our collaboration with Panasonic Corporation and promote a smooth introduction of HD-PLC to Taiwan Power Company.”

Additionally, Masayuki Suzuki, CEO of NURI Telecom Co., Ltd., who is a member of the Alliance and promotes AMI/aggregation business, said, “We have been engaged in aggregation business of smart meters using wireless communications overseas for many years. But we saw the limitations of wireless communications amid the swelling of the volume of communications in recent years due to security reasons and we sought stable high-speed PLC communications technology. In response to this situation, we started to adopt HD-PLC for smart meters communications in domestic apartments last year and we have been able to manage HEMS in a stable communications environment until today. We will use the HD-PLC technology for smart meters of overseas power companies on the basis of Panasonic Corporation’s adoption case by Taiwan Power Company and our evaluation results and due to respond to customer needs.”

In addition, Masahiro Konishi, General Manager of the Networking Infrastructure Division at MegaChips Corporation, which is a member of the Alliance and a supplier of HD-PLC LSI chips, said, “I found very meaningful that HD-PLC LSI, which we provide, could contribute to realizing higher-speed smart meters communications. I expect that the adoption of the technology by Taiwan Power Company will further promote an introduction and consideration of HD-PLC for a wide range of applications, including the area of energy management, such as BEMS, HEMS and FEMS, smart streetlights and solar power generation, as well as smart meters.”

HD-PLC Alliance will continue to promote the use of its PLC technology in products, its global standardization and to develop a mutual certification environment, under the slogan of “In buildings, Factories, Communities, and Connecting with IoT solutions.”