HD-PLC Alliance

HD-PLC Alliance

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MegaChips Corporation

HD-PLC Complete, Multi-hop LSI

BlueChip PLC is the world’s first fully compliant IEEE1901 single chip HD-PLC Powerline Communications (PLC) IC. It provides the smallest form factor, highest performance and lowest power of any commercially available PLC solution.

BlueChipPLC Complete:KL5BPLC200WMP, MLKHN1500AM

BlueChipPLC Multi-hop:KL5BPLC250WMP, MLKHN1501AM

HD-PLC Technology

Products Information

  • BlueChip PLC KHN13200
  • IEEE1901 compliant HD-PLC KHN13100 Chip Set
  • Analog Front End Chip KHN11120