HD-PLC Alliance

HD-PLC Alliance

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HD-PLC Alliance actively contributes to International Standardization efforts providing the most open technology to the market.

IEEE 1901

The IEEE 1901 Standard is the first global standard for powerline communication developed for applications such as multimedia home networking, audio video, and smart grid. It was ratified in December 2010. HD-PLC technology is the only one fully conformant with IEEE 1901 including Inter-System Protocol (ISP) coexistence.

CENELEC EN 50561-1

CENELEC EN 50561-1 is an European Standard for Electromagnetic Compatibility for PLC products.
CENELEC EN 50561-1 was ratified by European countries on November 12th, 2012.


HD-PLC technology is integrated in the renowned Standardization Alliance guideline and/or recommendation list.

IEEE 1905.1, NIST

HD-PLC Alliance is an active member of the Standardization working groups.

IEEE PLC Standard Committee

The scope of this new Committee is to develop and maintain Standards related to Powerline Communication.