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CENELEC EN 50561-1

CENELEC EN 50561-1 is an European Standard for Electromagnetic Compatibility for PLC products.

HD-PLC passed all tests for New CENELEC EMC Standard!

First in the world!
IEEE 1901 HD-PLC equipment passed tests at CETECOM.

CENELEC EN 50561-1 was approved by European countries on November 12th, 2012

The announcement of the CENELEC EN50561‐1 standard’s approval allowing the deployment of PLC solutions while assuring the protection of broadcasting services is big news for the broadband powerline technologies. The new Standard, providing a secured CE marking, will allow the emergence of products with integrated broadband PLC technology inside.

Compliance with the CENELEC EN50561‐1 standard is due within three years. HD‐PLC chooses to implement it from today liberating the market of the uncertainties of CE marking and bringing a permanent solution to interferences problems which can be found in different European countries

HD-PLC implementation of CENELEC EN50561-1

1.Dynamic frequency exclusion

Radio broadcast services are dynamically protected. PLC does not transmit in the frequency bands where radio broadcast services are detected.

2.Dynamic power control

The PLC transmission power is dynamically reduced to minimize the probability of radio disturbance. The better the PLC communication path is, the more reduced the PLC transmission power is.

Impact on the current HD-PLC Market

The coming CENELEC EMC standard will drastically foster the adoption of HD-PLC technology in mass market products.