HD-PLC Alliance

HD-PLC Alliance

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IEEE 1905.1, NIST

On-going Standardization efforts

HD-PLC Alliance contributes to International Standardization efforts and follows certification, regulation and recommendation validation to allow a wide spreading of the HD-PLC technology.

IEEE P1905.1 – Standard

IEEE P1905.1 is a Standard for a Convergent Digital Home Network for Heterogeneous Technologies. The standard defines an abstraction layer for multiple home networking technologies.

The abstraction layer common interface allows applications and upper layer protocols to be agnostic to the underlying home networking technologies.
The purpose of this valuable standard is to facilitate the integration of P1901 with other home networking technologies like IEEE 802.11, IEEE 802.3 and MoCA 1.1.

Draft Spec was approved in Dec 2011
Sponsor Ballot opened in May 2012
WG expects the IEEE SA approval beginning of 2013

IEEE 1901 – NIST Recommendation

As member of IEEE 1901 group, HD-PLC Alliance is involve in the process to integrate the complete IEEE 1901 Standard to the NIST recommendation list.